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October 8, 2018

As I reflect on the seven years we, as a family, have spent leading Chisel Point Group of Companies, Inc., as a strong, local, independent business, I feel fortunate to have been involved with a company that has shown such a robust commitment toward our customers, loyalty toward our team members, and respect toward the community we call home, and the communities in which we service. These first 7 years have been a learning curve, and these past three years, through our recession, were certainly the toughest in our company’s history. I take great pride in our staffs' continued fight and efforts to make the best out of these trying times, and continue to deliver quality services at fair, honest prices. It has, however, come at a heavy and exhausting toll on our ownership and staff. We have allowed our focus to become fuzzy, our outlook to become murky, and our vision to become blurred. While we are very proud of the progress we have made in the past 7 years - especially in light of the major recession and other governmental challenges we have had to work hard to address, we focused considerable energy on addressing misguided operational principles while working to make things right for our customers and team members, and fixing the areas we went wrong. We have allowed ourselves to get caught up in circle-chasing, recycling old ideas, and limited our progress and ability to grow.

That is why today, I stand proud to announce that we are renewing our commitment to you—to our customers, to our staff, and to our community.

To achieve this, we have added two significant non-Director roles to our fold. Through these two new roles, we have added two quality, experienced individuals who will bring new ideas, new insight, and a renewed spirit to Chisel Point Group.

Mr. Paquette officially takes his position as Lead Field Hand, a supervisory role that he has been training for with us for 3 years. During this three years, he has continued to develop in the industry, working toward full Landscape Technician qualification, and is a Certified Concrete Mason through the National Concrete Mason Association. Previous to joining our company, Mr. Paquette has experience as a heavy equipment operator, and as a landscape services professional, as well as his service in the Canadian Military. We are encouraged that this will be a role we are confident will bring stability and new ideas as we work toward bringing our company focus back in line with our founding vision... strive to improve the quality of the services that we provide, aim to meet our customers' needs and expectations, make positive contributions to the community we live and the communities we serve.

Joining Mr. Paquette, we are proud to announce the addition of Mr. Rouleau as our Assistant Manager and Assistant Project Coordinator. Prior to joining our company, Mr. Rouleau has experience in heavy equipment operation, as well as several areas of landscape servicing, and has experience running team crews, giving direction, and customer service. He believes strongly that a company's greatest contribution to the community is the services they provide, and he believes in the services that Chisel Point Group provides, to both strengthen the community, and to help people make their lives better. Mr. Rouleau has already made meaningful impacts on our company in other ways as well, such as participating in our re-writing of our strongest standards of conduct, through environmental responsibility, responsibility to the community, employee standards, promoting health and wellness, and much more.

I am fully confident that the steps we are taking today will build a better company for the future.

We're fully committed to acting quickly to make positive impacts going forward, so we can focus on not only your satisfaction, but also our involvement in the community. We are reshaping our priorities, with improved employee ethics training, new and improved employee team incentives, stronger focus on customer experience, stronger oversight and controls, and vastly improved community interaction. All of our employees, moving forward, must meet or exceed our Customer Care Code, and will be encouraged to establish and maintain positive, helpful and friendly relationships with all of our customers, and with our community and the communities we serve. It is our hope that our ongoing work to address these and other challenges in not only our business and our communities, but in the entire landscape industry, illustrates Chisel Point Group's sincere commitment to actively and authentically take action on the principles, focus, and founding vision throughout our business.

While these goals may seem aspirational, we have set substantive measurements that will challenge us to be a better company. During this time of economic uncertainty we realize that we have the opportunity and the responsibility to keep our focus on our commitment to keep our communities strong, and while we may have slipped in the past, in this regard, I’m proud of our plans and our changes to live up to the guiding and founding principles of this company. Together, in partnership with our team members, local communities, suppliers, and other stakeholders who work alongside us every day, I am convinced we can realize this vision and do our part to create stronger, more resilient communities.

Because when you're happy, so are we. Putting you first is our main focus, because you are our top priority. Without you – the staff, the customers, and the community – we would not be here today.

Thank you.

K. Dunbar