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Ponds and Water Features
Adding a water feature, bridge, or carefully placed figurine can not only further beautify your yard, but can add a completely new area of entertainment and fun to your outdoor space. Water Features can involve anything from a peaceful garden pond to a waterfall, to a relaxing bubbler stone amidst your favourite plants. Sundials, probably the most popular choice in figurine installation, along with statue figurines, fountains, and bridges, are a great way to squeeze even more fun out of our short summer season.

Lighting, Irrigation, and Drainage
Having a proper irrigation system installed can mean all the difference between having a healthy, thriving lawn and a sparse, declining one. Without proper drainage, however, most plants will wither quickly, unable to absorb all the water that watering and rain will bring. We can help design and construct proper irrigation and drainage systems for your property. We can even add lighting, a beautiful addition that will make your yard magically come alive at night, while adding to the safety and security of your property.