Chisel Point Landscape Designs - Professional Landscape, General Contracting
A well cared for property is essential to enjoying not only the fullness of your personal or commercial property, but also for drawing the attention of your neighbours or customers as well. In the City of Edmonton, it is also mandatory to maintain your property on a year-round basis.

With years of snow removal and lawn maintenance experience, our team knows the importance of a properly maintained property, and the significance of prompt, professional service. Our maintenance services, snow and lawn, are offered as a per-visit or monthly standard, and our other services are provided to keep your property and your home looking good, all year round.

Lawn Care & Maintenance
We have the knowledge and experience to give you the perfect cut, leaving your property looking sharp and clean, and promoting new, healthy lawn growth. We believe in “going bagless”, allowing grass clippings to break down into the lawn and provide essential nutrients for new grass growth. All our mowing visits include trimming and blowing off of the driveways and sidewalks. We also offer Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter fertilization programs that will help your lawn grow even stronger and more vibrant.

Snow Removal
From driveways and parking lots to sidewalks and patios, we know how to handle Edmonton's winter and all the elements associated with it. We operate every day during the winter months, from the first snowfall through the last. We are fully equipped to service your snow removal needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We service both commercial and residential properties, including lots and driveways of all shapes and sizes, walkways, decks, and patios, and special needs.

Property Clean-up & Junk Removal
Seasonal property maintenance is an important step in keeping your lawn healthy all year round. We offer fall & spring property clean-up service, as well as year-round junk removal. We'll help you clear and clean-up your fallen leaves and needles, keep your paths and walkways safe, and promote a clean, healthy yard. Its important to clean up excess leaf debris to prevent disease, damage, and dangerous conditions during the winter months.

Other Traditional Maintenance
In addition to "seasonal services", SnowRTC also provides other less-than-desirable chores on that "to do" list. Eaves and gutter cleaning, for example, knowing the importance that clean gutters have on keeping your home water drainage system running smoothly and effective, and prevent serious damage to your home. We also offer window cleaning services, interior and exterior, and seasonal services such as tree and shrub pruning, and wintering services for shrubs, trees, and yes, even windows and doors.

Christmas Lights & Decorative Displays
We offer some non-traditional seasonal property services as well. Christmas lights and displays? Yes, most certainly! We will come and evaluate your requirements based on your preferences, and provide an easy and stress free Christmas installation that you can be proud of. We have you covered with friendly, experienced staff eager to assist.