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Stone Decking
Stone decking allows you take your old wood or composite deck and transform it into a beautiful, unique and maintenance free stone living space.

As pretty as wood decks can be, time and the elements have a serious impact on the look and integrity of the structure. While wood is a great choice for decks that lie a fair distance from the ground, rain and dampness can ruin wood decks that lie directly on the ground. Wood rot, stains, peeling, cracking and protruding screws and/or nails are a constant hazard. Composite decks can warp and fade, their heat retention is high, moisture absorption is low, and mold, mildew and algae can be a real issue. The benefits are not only aesthetic, but also practical. In terms of style, stone can dramatically modernize the look of your pre-existing deck with surfaces that can engage with the natural environment and the day’s changing sunlight. They should be definitely considered as an option if you’re planning on updating and redesigning your deck.

Stone does not splinter or burn, peel or rot. In terms of durability, stone is unparalleled in its ability to last. It is durable, easily maintained and aging just increases its natural beauty. When considering the increase to the value of a property, there is no better choice for outside areas. While properly oiled and pressure treated wood decks can withstand much of the damp weather, stone naturally resists infestations of termites or other borers, and will never suffer from mould or bacterial infection. Water damage is simply not a concern. A properly installed deck with the appropriate slope for easy drainage and sufficient waterproofing (in the form of a vinyl roofing membrane) will never allow water to accumulate. And of course, all you need to do is wipe it down to keep it neat and clean and prevent moisture from building up on the surface.

While you would think stone deck installation is expensive, the truth is that it doesn't have to be. The short and long term benefits in relation to maintenance cost more than accounts for the slight increase in costs of materials and labour. And, we use real natural stone, and offer our services for less than other stone deck installers in the local marketplace... some of whom use “man made” stone (look up Tanzite, you may be surprised). Essence Lawn & Landscape believes in providing real landscapes for real people, and this includes our stone decking services.