Chisel Point Landscape Designs - Professional Landscape, General Contracting
Final Grade, Sod, and Turf
A properly graded site ensures proper drainage for your structure. Proper drainage ensures that the foundation will not leak and interior damage will not occur. If your rough grade has been completed, and you are now looking to have your final grade and sod done, if your builder is pressuring you, if you're just tired of looking at the clay, if you need repairs to existing grade or new sod work, we pride ourselves on efficient, professional grading and sod installation. Our sod installers work quickly, efficiently, and professionally, to ensure your lawn has the absolute best opportunity for success, and giving you a lush lawn that you will adore. We also provide seeding services, and artificial turf.

Mulching and Rock Beds
Creating mulch or rock beds is about much more than aesthetics or “curb appeal”. Having an appropriate ground cover keeps moisture in the soil, helps regulate temperatures around the plant base during all seasons, and helps in controlling and suppressing weed germination and growth. Some rock bed features, such as dry creeks, can also be very beneficial for assisting with drainage needs, while boulder placement can add an immediate impact statement to your property. We're here for all your mulch or rock needs.

Gardens, Trees, and Shrubs
A beautifully designed and constructed garden is the best “curb appeal” insurance you can buy for your home. Our experienced crews ensure we pay attention to the even the smallest detail of your plant, shrub, or tree beds, and take great pride in everything we do. From seasonal splashes of colour, added with the planting of  bulbs, annuals, and perennials, to more stoic and permanent fixtures such as glorious shrubbery and trees, we can increase your home's value, while enhancing the personal enjoyment of your property.