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A well built, well designed, well installed landscape can enhance, improve and add considerable value to your property. At Chisel Point Landscape Designs, we work with you, the homeowner or business owner, to offer a complete range of residential and commercial services for projects of any scale. Our top quality, experienced crew, and a vast array of specialists available, allow us to focus on the utmost attention to detail without sacrificing the quality of your landscape. 

Whether it be a small garden renovation or a complete front and back yard installation, or a business looking for a new installation or to just spruce up what they already have, we take the same care and attention to each detail to ensure that the time spent in your yard is relaxing and rewarding. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service we possibly can. After all, you are the most important piece of any success.

Final Grades, Sod and Grass Services, Artificial Turf Installation
If your rough grade has been completed, and you are now looking to have your final grade and sod done, if your builder is pressuring you, if you're just tired of looking at the clay, if you need repairs to existing grade or new sod work, we pride ourselves on efficient, professional grading and sod installation. Our sod installers work quickly, efficiently, and professionally, to ensure your lawn has the absolute best opportunity for success, and giving you a lush lawn that you will adore.

Mulching and Rock Beds
Creating mulch or rock beds is about much more than aesthetics or “curb appeal”. Having an appropriate ground cover keeps moisture in the soil, helps regulate temperatures around the plant base during all seasons, and helps in controlling and suppressing weed germination and growth. Some rock bed features, such as dry creeks, can also be very beneficial for assisting with drainage needs, while boulder placement can add an immediate impact statement to your property. We're here for all your mulch or rock needs.

Gardens, Trees, and Shrubs
A beautifully designed and constructed garden is the best “curb appeal” insurance you can buy for your home. Our experienced crews ensure we pay attention to the even the smallest detail of your plant, shrub, or tree beds, and take great pride in everything we do. From seasonal splashes of colour, added with the planting of  bulbs, annuals, and perennials, to more stoic and permanent fixtures such as glorious shrubbery and trees, we can increase your home's value, while enhancing the personal enjoyment of your property.

Brick, Flagstone, Slate, and Paving Stone
Having paving stones, brick, or flagstone installed as opposed to a regular asphalt or concrete walkway or patio can give your home a very polished and classical look, and is a great way to add beauty and usability and to your property. From beautiful natural stone, to a more polished paver or brick, you can attain a look that will both complement your home and your budget. And a great paving job can look fantastic and last for years, while also maintaining the practicality you are looking for in your walking or sitting area.

Retaining Walls and Raised Garden Beds
From dividing a yard from a walkway or driveway, or your garden into different sections, or even just retaining soil, retaining walls are a great way to give your yard a stand-out modern look while providing, in some cases, an essential element to your landscaping. Raised planters can be a great way to spruce up your walkway, or add an extra touch to your current outdoor green space. From classic wood structures to concrete and beyond, we can provide a look that will suit your needs and budget.

Ponds and Other Features
Adding a water feature, bridge, or carefully placed figurine can not only further beautify your yard, but can add a completely new area of entertainment and fun to your outdoor space. Water Features can involve anything from a peaceful garden pond to a waterfall, to a relaxing bubbler stone amidst your favourite plants. Sundials, probably the most popular choice in figurine installation, along with statue figurines, fountains, and bridges, are a great way to squeeze even more fun out of our short summer season.

Design, Lighting, Irrigation, and Drainage
Having a proper irrigation system installed can mean all the difference between having a healthy, thriving lawn and a sparse, declining one. Without proper drainage, however, most plants will wither quickly, unable to absorb all the water that watering and rain will bring. We can help design and construct proper irrigation and drainage systems for your property. In addition, we offer full landscape design services for you, planning and laying out your beautiful outdoor oasis. We can even add lighting, a beautiful addition that will make your yard magically come alive at night, while adding to the safety and security of your property.

Greywater Recycling and Sustainable Landscaping
Reusing your greywater keeps it out of the sewer or septic system, thereby reducing the chance that it will pollute local water bodies. Reusing greywater for irrigation reconnects urban residents and our backyard gardens to the natural water cycle, reducing the burden on urban sewage treatment along with protecting a quickly dwindling natural resource. Sustainable Landscape integrates the garden and home to impact less on the environment, reduces the energy wasted in transporting the foods by producing the foods where the people are, and includes recycling and re-purposing contaminated and damaged soil, providing for your household, and allowing you to reduce your own footprint on the environment.

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