Chisel Point Landscape Designs - Professional Landscape, General Contracting
Why landscape design services? A properly designed landscape plan serves multiple purposes:
  • Provides a scaled perspective of what your finished landscape will look like.
  • Allows for quick dimensioning and reference to determine quantities and types of material, eliminating the guess work of construction.
  • Shows ideal locations for specified plant material, as well as relative sizes and colours.
  • Acts as a legal document ensuring all construction is installed as per the landscape plan, and all specifications.

Enhance your outdoor living spaces while introducing environmental benefits. We design around site specific conditions as well as local environmental conditions. Basically we strive to enhance what nature has already provided. Proper selection and placement of plant material ensures that they perform to the best of their abilities. Well planned softscapes can also play a role in the fight against climate change and well planned hardscapes can add beauty to your outdoor room, adding more value to your home than any other renovation you can do.

We start by gaining a deeper understanding of your needs and how you connect with your current surroundings. We organize a site visit to walk the landscape and discuss your initial design ideas. We’ll actively listen to you and take notes so that we can create a proposal tailored to your needs. From there, the design process begins, until we have presented you with a design that suits you, your wants, and your needs.

We are an Edmonton Landscaping Company that believes in creating beautiful outdoor living spaces, using nature to inspire, and the talent of our team to build your vision. This is your space. What do you see?