Chisel Point Landscape Designs - Professional Landscape, General Contracting
Brick, Flagstone, Slate, and Paving Stone
Having paving stones, brick, or flagstone installed as opposed to a regular asphalt or concrete walkway or patio can give your home a very polished and classical look, and is a great way to add beauty and usability and to your property. From beautiful natural stone, to a more polished paver or brick, you can attain a look that will both complement your home and your budget. And a great paving job can look fantastic and last for years, while also maintaining the practicality you are looking for in your walking or sitting area.

Retaining Walls and Raised Garden Beds
From dividing a yard from a walkway or driveway, or your garden into different sections, or even just retaining soil, retaining walls are a great way to give your yard a stand-out modern look while providing, in some cases, an essential element to your landscaping. Raised planters can be a great way to spruce up your walkway, or add an extra touch to your current outdoor green space. From classic wood structures to concrete and beyond, we can provide a look that will suit your needs and budget.